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Welcome to the North Salem English Department Literary Nonfiction Wiki.

The purpose of this website is to provide a Literary Nonfiction resource hub for North Salem English students and their teachers. The menu to the left provides direction to specific grade-level resources and discussions.

The new Common Core Standards have reinforced the North Salem English department's long-standing philosophical and pedagogical approach to Language Arts instruction. These standards explicitly encourage the incorporation of Literary Nonfiction in the English Language Arts classroom. While this has been past practice in North Salem English classrooms--from exploring the Authorship Issue while reading Shakespeare's Secret in sixth grade to using Freud theory of psychoanalysis to interpret Conrad's Heart of Darkness in twelfth grade--this Wiki provides the opportunity to further emphasize the variety and depth of Literary Nonfiction sources, both as primary texts to be studied, such as popular titles including Night, The Things They Carried, and Into the Wild, and complementary materials to expand the study of fictitious novels (e.g., literary criticism, historical documents, contemporary journalism).

The Wiki platform combines the features of a traditional website (sources can be shared and archived by grade level and title) and a blog (students and can engage in online discussions and debates regarding those sources). Students are encouraged to email their teachers links to other Literary Nonfiction sources for the works they are studying in class!